Jmeter and ZLIB input stream error

Today I was trying to record a Jmeter Siebel script, and got the following error when I did the recording. Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream at…

I solved this by setting the HTTP sampler to Java

ZLIB input stream

I still have the problem that the data is encoded by that is another challange.


7 thoughts on “Jmeter and ZLIB input stream error

  1. I am facing the same issue , and I am using JMeter version 3.2 latest. I have changed the sampler to JAVA but could not resolve the issue.

  2. The issue comes from a bug in HTTP Client 4.5.x in Deflate.

    As a workaround, remove deflate from Header Manager:
    Accept-Encoding:gzip, deflate

    Will become:


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