Transferring a LoadRunner license to another machine


Here are my notes on how to transfer a LoadRunner license to another server. This is the process that I followed. Stress is optional….

1) Obtain the installation files, if you are using the latest version you can get this from the public domain HP website. If you want the preceding version you can get this if you already have a HP passport account and have existing LoadRunner purchases in the last 12 month.

2) Get the Host ID.. Dependent on the version there are different ways of getting the host ID but remember the host ID is tied to the machine and the version of LoadRunner you have installed.

3) Find out your Service Agreement ID (SAID), this is to prove to HP licensing that you have paid the maintance. HP will have provided a PDF file for your service agreements, don’t just pick the one on the top as I did otherwise they might think you want to transfer some QTP licenses. Use the one above the lines detailing the LoadRunner licenses.

4) Phone up the number on the service agreement and raise a request. They will create a service request with the licensing department. You can ask how long it will take but they don’t have a clue.

5) Wait 24 hours and phone back to say you haven’t heard anything. I am told the task has been assigned to a licensing representative. Try not to fill unwanted that the licensing representative hasn’t been in touch, it isn’t personal.

5A) Think no need to panic you left plenty of time to transfer the license.

6) Wait another 12 hours and phone your account manager, but discover they have left the company.

7) Phone his boss, leave a message and wait for him to contact you,

8) Explain to his boss the situation, he says he will find you a new account manager (hope he looks behind the sofa, that where I lose most things)

9) Boss person emails you contact details for new account manager says they will call you

10) Wait for call, wait for call, wait for call then call new account mgr. They explain they are busy because they are trying to close business for that quarter i.e busy selling new stuff rather than servicing those that have already bought. Explain situation and they say they are on the case.

11) Start to panic because it shouldn’t take this long and testing will be starting soon. You don’t want to start late you are going somewhere nice in a few weeks and want to get the testing complete before you go…

12) Get email from licensing guy saying you have given them the wrong service agreement ID (see note 3)

13) Send email in Morning with correct service agreement ID

14) Get email in afternoon from account manager asking why I haven’t sent the service ID. Check your mailbox and see that the email was sent… Strange sometime it feels someone is telling you something.

15) Resend email with correct SAID

16) Spend weekend worrying if license will arrive in time for testing

17) Mid morning get an email saying we need to establish what protocol groups we need. Got to admit I expected for a license change HP would know what we had and it would be tied to the service agreement. Luckily they can generate a tempory license If I tell them was protocol groups we need. Reply saying what protocol groups we need

18) 10 mins later you get the license key

It took a week from raising the request to a complete license. So, the moral of the story leave plenty of time for a HP LoadRunner license transfer…

Least I had my Mercury Interactive stress ball to help me through the process. The irony is that it was never this stressful dealing with MI.



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