Jmeter Timers in Pictures

Today I was adding the think time between various webpage requests in Jmeter so had to choose a particular timer. At this stage it would be handy to have a picture of the three main types of delay based timers. Therefore, I set about creating one, using the test plan below I had all 3 timer called by the thread. For the Gaussian and Poisson timers I set the mean delay time to 100ms (no offset) and for the uniform I set the maximum to 100 and the offset to 50.

jmeter timer example

I then ran the thread for 30,000 iteration just to make sure I had a good sample of results and plotted the results.


Now, I have a pretty picture of Jmeter timers to help me choose which best fits how users delay between requests.


One thought on “Jmeter Timers in Pictures

  1. hi.

    I didnt get graph results. could you plz elaborate which timer is best to use for delay in test plan.

    One more thing is “Offset” time, what exactly it does in delay time?

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