Installing Jmeter for Ubuntu 12.10

As installing Jmeter on Ubuntu 11.10 was my most popular post of 2012, I have updated it for Ubuntu 12.10.

The first thing I needed to do was install Jmeter. I started running the following command to install Jmeter.

sudo apt-get install jmeter

This installs Jmeter but unfortunatly version 2.3.4 while I wanted to do some stuff with version 2.8. So I download the current .tgz binary files from the web and used

tar -zxvf *.tgz

to extract out the files. Unlike the windows version where you can just click the jmeter.bat file you need to change the permission on the jmeter shell file. This requires

chmod +xX jmeter

on the jmeter file. Finally from the terminal just type


and it starts!

If you are new to Jmeter and want to learn more I started watching some YouTube vidoes. I liked by the beardy geek


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