Jmeter and trying Loadosophia

Today I was wondering how to share some Jmeter performance test results among a distributed team. I though I would give LoadoSophia a try (it is a Beta at the moment 20th Nov 2012). You can go to LoadoSophia and see public test, but as I didn’t know the context of the tests it was difficult to determine if the results presentation was appropriate. So, I created a simple test plan in Jmeter (see below) 5 threads each thread calls Youtube home page (and request embedded resources) and google home page (no embedded resources) with a constant throughput time set to 10 per minute.

The test was run from the command line and the .jtl file was upload to

You can see the results at

You don’t have to publish your performance test results to the public, you can access via a google account so which you could share among the team.

So what do I think? No bad for getting quick results distributed to the team but I won’t be giving up my other reporting tools. For example typically project manager will want to report against an SLA which isn’t support by LoadoSophia.


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