Jmeter threads needed to acheive hits/sec

I recently saw a post on linkedin asking. “Determining the Load Model if you know the target load in Hits/sec I am doing performance testing of the application which includes webservices. There are 5 webservices which we are testing using jmeter. I have added 5 different threadgroups for individual services. The total load on the application is 15 hits/sec. How to determine the number of threads and Loopcounts to achieve this? Is there any specific model using which it can be determined?”

Using little law your thread count = Throughput x Response Time.

So for example one thread group may want to achieve 3 hit/sec and let assume your response time is 2 seconds. Then the number of threads needed is 6 (3×2)..

So you will need to do some experiment to find out what the response time of the webservice. If it is really fast you may even have to add a delay.


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