Things to correlate in a SAP Web LoadRunner Scipt

I have been doing some SAP web scripting this week and although have been using the SAP Web protocol I have noticed that we still need to do manual correlation.
These are the 3 things I need to correlate:

ClientWindowID e.g WID1339591301202

This is not specifically a parameter that needs correlation but it a value generated in client side JavaScript which is basically the Unix time including milliseconds. Lucky there is a LoadRunner function that generates this. web_save_timestamp_param("pWID",LAST);

sap-wd-secure-id e.g. 30b66c21b9fd11e1bd5f000005ee7aaa5408212193

I have noticed that this parameter does change in some scripts I have written so be careful to extract out appropriately. This is the code I used to extract out the parameter:


wi_id e.g. 000003799238

This parameter appears when a window is spawned.


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