Using Oracle Orion

I wanted to get some experience of using Oracle’s Orion software before recommending that we us it for SAN performance testing. Not having access to a spare SAN I wondered if it would work with Ubuntu as luckily Ubuntu sees a USB stick as a LUN.

I tried working with Ubuntu in a VirtualBox VM but it wouldn’t recognise the USB sticks (i think it is a know problem) So, I downloaded Ubuntu onto a stick and run from a physical machine. I even enclose a picture! You can see the USB hub on the left holding my test USB drives LUNs.


You need to specify the LUNs used for the test, this is not /media/devicename but the device location under /dev. The other thing I found was I needed to run as root so had to prefix the command line call to orion with sudo

Performance Graph

Basically Orion kicks of a number of threads to make conncurrent requests against the LUNs. There is a sort of simple default test configration you can use that sends a mix of requests for small or large amounts of data. Or through the command line you can run more complex tests. Performance results are captured as text files ready for importing in a spreadsheet.

In summary, pretty basic but fairly easy to configre.. Next step performance testing a real SAN


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