I have been using the following SAR commands on AIX recently. SAR is collected and generally keep for a month so if I wanted to see what the CPU was on the 23 of the month between 21:00 and midnight I would use the following command.
sar -f /var/adm/sa/sa23 –s21:00 –e23:59
If you want just to use it for the current day you don’t need the –f /var/adm/sa/…
If I wanted to get an idea of the memory then I would use
sar –r
This gives the number of free pages, cycles/s (number of page replacements) faults/s
If I want to get disk I would use.

sar –d

I also discovered the command topas which is like top on other unix system and provides a great snap shot of how the system is performing.


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