Writh’s verses Moore’s Law

OK it is Friday lunchtime so please excuse the lack of intellectualrigour but I was just reading the Royal Pingdom blog (http://royal.pingdom.com/2009/07/06/quirky-but-mostly-useful-software-development-rules/) which mentioned Writh’s law that states that Software is getting slower more rapidly than hardware becomes faster.  I was wondering how this compared to Moore’s law which states simply that hardware will double in capacity every two years.

From Wikipedia I got the number of lines of code for various home based windows operating system since 1993. I then normalised the results for 1993 and plotted the results on a graph.


OK so this is a very rough analysis as LoC is not a good comparative measure but I think the results is interesting as it would suggest that Writh’s law may not be true.


2 thoughts on “Writh’s verses Moore’s Law

  1. Ok but the speed of a program is not always linked to the number of lines of code … it depends on the algorithm it relies on. Some functions can be really slow with a few lines of code, because they do loops with function calls etc …

    1. Hi Gary

      You are correct lines of codes are not a very good metric but alas it is the only one I could find that was avialable.

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